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July 22, 2012

Heavenly Aroma

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Heavenly Aroma

Each fall in southern New Mexico,

The chili pods are picked by deft hands,

Placed with pride into burlap sacks,

Stacked neatly on farm trucks,

Rushed to the nearest grocery store, and

Displayed with finesse to draw the faithful in.

A line of customers form at the chili shrine

Where they select just the right burlap sack

Like a thirsty man seeking the perfect drink.

After paying for their bundle of salvation,

Customers move on to the propane chili roaster

Waiting their turn to roast the fresh pods.

With each batch that is spun and roasted,

The most incredible aroma wafts for blocks around.

The flame draws the chili flavor out of the flesh and

Toasts the skin to release it to the air – so heavenly.

The aroma says that fall has officially arrived

In the state of New Mexico.

2012 © Dawn L. Huffaker

All rights reserved.

April 5, 2012


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Easter Morning


With eyes closed,

Imagine the following:

It is the first day of your life-

Never been sad,

Never been mad,

Never been hurt;

No shame,

No guilt,

No regret;

Free to be happy,

Free to be content,

Free to be inquisitive.

The blood of Christ

Has taken away all sins and regrets.

This is your new life, so:

Release the past,

Release the pain,

Release the people;

Open your mind,

Open your heart,

Open your spirit;

Live in the Now,

Live in the Oneness,

Live in the Kingdom.

Believe in the gift of freedom

That Jesus gave us on the cross.

Believe in the love that created us-

Unconditional and limitless.

Believe in the life that God’s grace

Has freed us to experience.

Be this help to those who are seeking God.

Be this love with those in your life.

Be this forgiveness so needed in the world.

Give thanks every day for this freedom!

Give thanks every day for this love!

Give thanks every day for this grace!

The Lord has Risen! Happy Easter!

2012 © Dawn L. Huffaker

All rights reserved.

November 19, 2011

Nature through Poetry 2012 calendar is now available

Hi!  I wanted to let you know that the Nature through Poetry 2012 calendar is now available.  Each month has beautiful photography (taken by my mom) and a poem (which I have created) that goes hand-in-hand with it, thus giving nature a voice.  Here are a few pages from it:

Calendar cover

Calendar cover

January photo with poem

January page

February photo and poem

February page

All photos included in this calendar

Nature through Poetry 2012 montage

The calendar may be purchased at Lulu.com for $16.95 plus freight.  There are price discounts for five or more, and they often offer coupons that will cover all or part of the freight.  Here is the link:


Have a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

March 25, 2011

Four Small, Red Bricks

Four Small, Red Bricks


When I was a wee one,

About four years old or so,

My folks had a beautiful garden

On the south side of our rock house.

Everything grew tall and strong –

From white Dinner Plate Dahlias to

Sweet, yellow NK-199 corn.

I was mesmerized by it all!


One day, I asked my father

If I could plant my own garden.

He said that it was okay with him.

So, on the outside of the garden fence,

Four small, red bricks outlined

My very first vegetable garden.

I planted one carrot seed,

And one radish seed.


With love and water, they soon sprouted.

Each day, my mom would set me by my garden,

And I would look after them.

From nothing to something, they became,

And I was excited to see the green tops.

I asked her, “When will they be ready?”

She told me that I would have to decide.

What a decision! It was tricky, too!


For while I could see the leafy tops,

I did not know how big the roots had become.

When I decided that it was time,

I pulled them both.

I was proud of my first crop,

Even though from adults eyes,

My carrot was forked,

And my radish was pithy!


Gardening is still in my blood.

I am happiest when I see new, spring shoots

Peeking out from the sleepy, winter ground,

And I know that the world is coming alive.


2011 © Dawn L. Huffaker

All rights reserved.

March 17, 2011

The Secret Life of Walter Kitty (part 1)

The following story was inspired by James Thurber who wrote a short story entitled “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in 1939. The story centered around a henpecked husband who daydreamed his life was more interesting and heroic. I have added a new twist to this theme. Enjoy!









The Secret Life of Walter Kitty


Dawn L. Huffaker


Walter was born a wild cat. His mother lived in a barn on a farm owned by two sisters. Her latest litter came in September, and had only one kitten. This was late for outdoor cats who roamed the countryside. A late kitten suffered the most from the chilled air, and often did not make it through the winter.

One day, when the sisters were outside, they saw Walter wandering outside of the barn. Martha picked him up and cuddled him. She commented to her sister Cheryl how warm and fuzzy he was. Raising him to face-level, she took a look into his deep blue eyes and smiled. What a beautiful kitten! He had soft, gray, tabby fur with four white feet and a white belly.

As Martha examined him further, she noticed his left eye had mucus starting to glue it shut. This indicated that an infection was starting in the eye. She told Cheryl. They took him inside to put some ointment into it.

Walter really wasn’t afraid of the two sisters. They were kind and good to him. As Martha worked on him, he purred and played with her fingers.

Cheryl commented on the weather beginning to cool. With a nod, Martha agreed. This gave them two good reasons for Walter to live in the house. It would make it easier to doctor his eye. And, he would have a better chance of surviving the winter.

The sisters had a snow white cat named, appropriately, Snowflake. She was adopted from an animal shelter. While living in the house with the sisters for the past year, she had been an only cat. She had all of the attention, but no cats to play with.

Martha placed Walter on the living room floor near the bright white cat. He began batting at imaginary bugs. Snowflake was not sure what to think of him, but still eyed him with curiosity. Soon, he walked over to her and slapped at her tail. It was not long before they were chasing each other, and their friendship was sealed.

Walter’s eye infection cleared up in time. He stayed a part of the household, though. Wherever Snowflake went, he followed. Things were good.

By the age of one, Walter was a majestic Maine Coon cat. His tabby fur had become long and silky. The white of his belly and feet was very striking. What a handsome cat he had become! When friends came by, they often commented that they couldn’t believe he was once a wild cat whose mother looked nothing like him, for she was small and dowdy.

Walter’s days were filled with food, play, and sleep. He was very content. The sisters enjoyed his company, too. He often slept beside them while they watched TV.

One evening, they were watching Animal Planet. The program was about meerkats. Walter heard funny noises like squeaks and chatters coming from the TV. He pried open one eye and looked at the TV screen. Suddenly, a whole new world opened up for him.

He jumped down from his lounge chair and sat as close as he could to the TV. The meerkats looked huge. Walter watched every movement with fascination. Sometimes he jumped when they came right up to him.

When the program was over, he hopped up beside Martha and curled into a ball. Soon, Walter was dreaming about the “giant gophers” (meerkats) from the TV. In his dream, he heard ripping and tearing noises below his chair. When he rose up and looked over the edge, he saw large holes in the living room carpet. Dirt was flying through them, too! Mounds were starting to form. It must be those darn gophers, was his first thought.

He knew this was an invasion. Walter had to stop it before the sisters came home from doing their shopping! Out of the hole to his left, he saw a gopher head peek out. Walter jumped from his warm observation post on the chair. The chase was on. He soon realized they were much bigger and faster than he.

How could he stop those pesky critters from destroying the sisters’ house? Walter jumped into the window near the garden. The gophers were there, too. They were making such a mess. He noticed there were no holes in the garlic patch. Didn’t they like garlic?

Walter decided to experiment. He jumped down, and went into the kitchen where they kept the garlic. Placing a garlic head in his mouth, he carried it into the living room, slapped some cloves off of it, and kicked them into the nearest hole. He waited.

It was not long before he heard gagging noises. Apparently, the gopher had bitten into one of the garlic cloves. Walter didn’t blame him. He didn’t much like the taste either. However, he had a job to do. He started kicking cloves in every hole.

Soon the supply of garlic cloves ran out. What was he going to do? Walter decided to sneak out to the garlic patch. He chose one of the gopher holes that didn’t have any garlic in it yet, and jumped through the hole in the carpet. Softly he landed in a dirt tunnel.

For a few minutes, he listened to make sure that the hole was not occupied by a gopher. As Walter listened, he started planning his next steps to the garden gate. He didn’t like destroying the garlic, but needed a lot of cloves to go around.

Walter crawled on his belly for what seemed like ages. His ears told him that none of the invaders knew he was down there. Finally, he could see the sky above. Rising up on his hind quarters, he peered over the edge of the hole. There were a couple of critters to his right. He ducked down, and waited for them to move further away.

The sounds they made receded into the distance. Walter waited a little bit longer. Then, he rose up again, and saw the coast was clear. He made a mad dash for the garden. There was a gap under the gate, and he dove through. Using his nose, he found the garlic patch.

How was he going to carry all of those garlic heads? One at a time would take forever. He looked around and saw a giant pumpkin leaf. Running over, he bit the stem in two. He dragged it over. Then, Walter proceeded to dig for the heads he needed.

When he had enough, Walter grabbed the stem of the pumpkin leaf in his mouth, and began to pull it towards the garden gate. This took awhile because he had to walk backwards blindly. At the gate, he took a breather, and looked around. The gophers had discovered the carrots at the far end of the garden. He could see them wreaking havoc down there.

Walter was rested now, and knew this was the best time to head for the house. Grabbing the leaf, he slowly pulled it under the gate. Only one of the garlic heads was knocked off. Quickly, he retrieved it.

Making the best time he could, Walter guided the leaf to the gopher hole. This was the tricky part. He unloaded the heads, and took the leaf into the hole. If he were careful, Walter could pull all the heads through the tunnel in one trip. He grabbed each head in his mouth and placed it on the leaf again. Slowly, ever so slowly, he did the reverse of his trip. Finally, he got to the hole in the carpet.

Walter rose up to make sure that the coast was clear. Luck was on his side. Grabbing the first head in his mouth, he leapt through the floor. These garlic heads had not cured yet, so separating the cloves took a few more swipes. Repeating over and over again he threw several cloves down every hole he found.

By this time, he was very, very tired. Walter got results, though. There was lots of coughing and gagging going on. He was pleased.

Eventually, Walter could hear scratching noises going away from him. Back into the window he leapt. He saw the giant gophers on the outside of the house. They ran past the garden, and headed into the hills. Occasionally, they stopped to rub their mouths in the grass to get the garlic smell off of them. Walter grinned, as only a cat can.

He turned and saw all of the holes in the floor. How was he going to fix that? As he was pondering this, the sisters drove up in the yard. Walter began to panic, and paced the windowsill.

Cheryl stuck the key in the lock. The sound made him jump. Walter crouched down because he knew he was about to get yelled at.

As the door was opening, Martha gently shook him awake. Opening his eyes, he saw her smile at him, and say something in human. She gave him a rub. Then, Martha turned the TV off. The two sisters put away their knitting, and headed for the stairs to go to bed.

Walter sat up. He looked over the edge of the chair. He was puzzled for a moment. There was nothing wrong with the carpet. The holes were gone! Whew! That was such a relief.

Then, he realized what had happened. It was all a dream, or a tiny nightmare, more like. Walter stretched, and decided to go upstairs to bed, too.

Stay tuned to the continuing saga of Walter Kitty. What will he dream about next?

2011 © Dawn L. Huffaker

All rights reserved.

July 28, 2010

GodLovedMe – a new website community for Christian women

I would like to talk about a fledgling website for Christian women that I am currently affiliated with. At this website, there is talk about any topic relating to women-from the fun stuff to the serious. There is a Friday night chat where members kick back and explore different topics. A Shout Out box is located on the home page where anyone can post observations or encouragement throughout the day. Finally, there are several blogs covering every possible topic (and more on the way).

There are blogs that answer questions about the bible. Members read previous posts, or ask a question for the staff to respond to. Blogs also cover daily Christian life, and for those times when a little extra help is needed like during an illness, a death, or a divorce. Anyone can come and fellowship with members who have been through similar situations.

They are members of all ages, occupations, and experiences. A vast wealth of knowledge is being created at this new website. Please stop by. The website address is: www.godlovedme.com

July 3, 2010

Freedom (4th of July)


(4th of July)



The sun has walked below the horizon,

And the plants sigh, as the ground cools

From the heat of the day.


Car doors slam,

And motors rev –

Eager to be off.


Tires touch pavement,

And wander down the road

To find the perfect viewing location.


The sky slowly fades from blue to black,

As inky silhouettes stretch and chatter

About the fun they have had during the day.


At the appointed proper darkness,

Sparkles of light appear

Over the town.


Each flower of breathtaking light

Chases the other,

As they go higher and higher.


Freedom tickles their heels,

As they race across the sky,

Glowing with delight.


The sky soon fills with fireworks,

And the oohs and ahs from the crowd

Applaud their performance.


When the curtain of darkness at last returns,

The silhouettes sigh and smile.

Then, they load up and head back home to bed.


2009 © Dawn L. Huffaker

From the book: Flights of Fancy (SE)-Volume 1

All rights reserved.


June 19, 2010

Texas Tea Tsunami

Texas Tea Tsunami


Rig on the ocean

Drilling a new oil well.

Almost done-

Need to finish it off.


In the dark of an April night,

Powerful explosion

Wounds the mighty beast-

Chaos ensues everywhere.


Workers scared.

Workers scattering.

Workers wounded.

Workers dead.


Deepwater Horizon rig

Has suffered

A mortal wound.

Oil gushes everywhere.


Fires devour rig.

Workers in lifeboats.

Workers in water.

Rig below waves.


Texas Tea (oil)

Is all that is left.

From one mile down,

It rises to the top.


Waves and wind

Steer it towards the coast

All along the Gulf-

Another disaster brews.


Well can’t be capped.

Oil rushes out and up.

Sixty days and counting,

When will it stop?


Ocean being poisoned.

Sea animals being killed.

Plant life being suffocated.

Ecosystem being destroyed.


Black ooze now on shore-

Texas Tea Tsunami strikes!

Animals and birds poisoned.

Trees and plants dying.


Beaches tainted-

God knows for how long.

Clean up almost impossible-

Oil keeps returning.


People harmed

Businesses closed.

Livelihoods gone.

God help them.


Day by day,

Gallon by gallon,

This tsunami disaster unfolds

With lessons for all.


2010 © Dawn L. Huffaker

All rights reserved.

January 30, 2010

Night Made Day

Night Made Day


Night made day

By moon on snow.

Sleeping trees whisper

In their dreams.

Biting air keeps the animals

In their burrows.

Branch shadows glide across snow

With ease.


I look out with wonder

At the scene before me.

Magical it has become

After the mighty storm.

Nothing is as it was, and

The world is weighted down.

Only the wind can come and go

As it pleases.


What a blessing it is

To live in my mountain home!

God’s handiwork is so close

I can touch it with my own hands.

Indeed, I am made rich with the bounty

That is set right before me.

Nothing manmade can compare

With His Masterpiece.


2010 © Dawn L. Huffaker

All rights reserved.

January 3, 2010

New Year’s Wish

Welcome to the year 2010! How many thought that they would ever see this year? How many are where they want to be? How many remember that they were just in high school, and now they are grandparents?

Time marches on. It does not stop for anyone, or anything. Like a river, it flows on and on.

For most, that is a good thing. It prods us to analyze where we had been, and where we want to go. This keeps us on track, and leads us into the future.

Hmm! What is my wish for this year? My wish is to be available for my family and friends. I want to enjoy every beautiful moment with them. I want to be a blessing and a gift to them.

This time, next year, I hope to have achieved this goal. For no matter how many poems I write, or books I sell, time continues on. There are only so many chances to share the precious moments that happen with those we care about the most.

What is your wish for the new year?

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